Q. How can I determine the dimensions of the cans listed on Quality Containers website?
A. The dimensions of cans are represented on Quality Containers website using a system that is standard in the can industry. Can sizes are represented by a series of numbers, which describe the can dimensions in inches at 1/16" intervals.
Example 1. 307 x 409 can measures:
The first number represents the can's nominal diameter, therefore 307= 3-7/16 inches
The second number represents the can's nominal height, therefore 409= 4-9/16 inches
Example 2. 502 x 504 can measures:
The first number represents the can's nominal diameter, therefore 502= 5-2/16 or 5-1/8 inches.
The second number represents the can's nominal height, therefore 504= 5-4/16 or 5-1/4 inches.

Q. What is your minimum order quantity?
A. For stock items the minimum order is one carton which depending on the size of the can ordered would be between 27 and 200 cans. For non stock items the typical minimum order quantity is one pallet, which again depending on the size of can ordered would be in the range of 336 and 6600 cans.

Q. What type of material are your cans made out of?
A. Slipcover, general line, and custom cans are all made using the highest quality electrolytic tin plate (tin coated steel). Beverage cans are manufactured using aluminum. Pails are manufactured using cold rolled steel, and our plastic containers are manufactured using FDA approved virgin HDPE. All our products are readily accepted in municipal bluebox recycling programs.

Q. What type of products can be packed in Quality Container's cans?
A. We sell a wide range of metal and plastic packaging that can be used for industrial products, food packaging, and promotional products. If you are unsure if your company's products can be packaged in our containers don't hesitate to contact us regarding your specific application.

Q. Can you supply custom printed cans?
A. The majority of cans sold by Quality Containers are plain tinplate on the outside. However, custom printing/lithographed cans are available. The typical minimum order quantity of custom printed containers is in the 10 000-20 000 piece range. The minimums may increase or decrease depending on the total size (area) of the can body. Generally, the smaller the can the larger the minimum order quantity and the reverse is true as well. With our network of suppliers in North America and around the world, Quality Containers can supply you with any style of can your marketing or sales team can imagine. Please contact our sales staff for more details of how Quality Containers can make your custom packaging a reality.

Q. What are Quality Containers terms and conditions of sale?
A. At the discretion of Quality Containers credit terms may be issued to companies interested in purchasing containers. To apply for credit please contact our customer service representative. Credit will only be extended to customers who submit at least three credit references with positive feedback with regards to their credit history. For approved customers, credit terms are NET 30 days.

Q. What are your shipping policies?
A. All containers are sold FOB our Toronto warehouse. Quality Containers can ship your order Collect by the carrier or courier of your choice. If you are in the Toronto or surrounding area your order may be picked up at our warehouse between 7:30 am - 4:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 7:30 am - 1:00 p.m. on Fridays. For customers in Toronto and the G.T.A. free delivery is available on orders of $1500 or more.

Q. What is Quality Containers return policy?
A. Quality Containers accepts returns of stock items if the product is in its original packaging and in saleable condition. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee to cover the additional handling and paperwork to issue a credit. Quality Containers' management must authorize all returns. Please call first to arrange a return. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Non-stock and special order items are not returnable.

Q. What kind of warranty does Quality Containers provide for its containers?
A. All of the products Quality Containers sells are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, not product compatibility. In the unlikely event there is a problem with the containers you have purchased from Quality Containers, samples of the defective product must be submitted to determine the cause and extent of the problem. Please contact Quality Containers before returning any products. Replacement containers will be shipped to you at no additional cost if it has been determined there is an issue with the materials or workmanship. Claims are limited to the replacement of defective containers.


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